Plein Air Painting Workshop at the Landgrove Inn
2021 WORKSHOPS                  

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April 30th thru May 2nd:  Wilson Bickford  "Capturing Nature in Oils"

May 12th thru 15th:  Jennifer Gennari  "Animal Portraits in Oil"

May 20th thru 22nd:  Rob O’Brien  "Painting Spectacular Flowers in Watercolor"

May 24th thru 27th:  Ted Nuttall  "Advanced Portraiture Workshop" (Invitation Only)

June 7th thru 10th:  Suchitra Bhosle  “Portrait and Figure Painting in Oils"

June 14th thru 17th:  Tony Van Hasselt  "Vermont's Rural Landscapes" 

June 22nd thru 25th:  Ted Nuttall  “Painting the Portrait from Photographs in Watercolors”

June 28th thru July 1st:  Ted Nuttall  "Advanced Portraiture Workshop" (Invitation Only)

July 6th thru 9th:  Jan Guarino  "Fearless Watercolors"

July 14th thru 17th:  Keiko Tanabe  “No Fear Approach to Watercolor"

July 19th thru 22nd:  Margie Samuels  "Watercolors for Beginners"

July 28th thru 31st:  Doris Rice  “Capture the Moment in Watercolor"


August 2nd thru 5th:  Vladislav Yeliseyev  "The Essence of Scenery and Impressionistic Approach"


August 6th thru 8th:  Steve Rogers  “Intuitive Abstract Painting"


August 9th thru 12th:  Janet Rogers  “Expressive Figures, Faces, and Flowers in Watercolor"


August 16th thru 19th:  Marilyn Rose  "The Joy of Watercolor"


August 23rd thru 26th:  Andy Evansen  "Painting Stronger Watercolors"


August 29th thru September 1st:  Kami Mendlik  "Color Relativity to Achieve Light"


September 3rd thru 6th:  John MacDonald  "The Painting Process: From Plein Air or Photo, to Finish"

September 8th thru 11th:  Kathy Anderson  "Painting Chaos in the Garden" 

September 20th thru 23rd: Randall Sexton  “The Vermont Landscape in Oils and Acrylics"

September 27th thru October 1st: Paul Jackson  "Dramatic Portraits in Watercolor"

October 4th thru 7th:  Barbara Jaenicke  "Light Filled Snow Scenes"


October 12th thru 14th:  Martha Wetherbee  "Nantucket Basketmaking"

October 18th thru 21st:  Jan Guarino  "Fearless Watercolors"

October 25th thru 27th:  Nanette Fluhr Capturing a Likeness:  Painting the Portrait in Oils”


October 29th thru 31st:  Wilson Bickford  "Capturing Nature in Oils"

November 4th thru 7th:  Craig Pursley  "The Portrait Sketch in Oils"

November 10th thru 13th:  Qiang Huang  "Expressive Still Life in Oil"

"The scenery is picture perfect and the entire staff was fabulous.

I plan to come back next year for another workshop. Beautiful, relaxing getaway!" - TravelBug