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Aline Ordman


Painting the Figure

Oil & Pastel

Beginner to Advanced


July 14th thru 17th

In Studio

$600 per person, plus model fee

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In this workshop, we will work for two days from a live model and two from students’ own photo references of figures in an environment.   In order to have a better understanding of the figure, the first two days allow for painting the model in both quick and longer poses.  This is good preparatory study for understanding proportions, movement, color and other aspects of the figure in order to then create paintings of situations with figures in them. 


Aline will demo in both pastels and oils and show how to approach both short and longer poses.  She enjoys doing street scenes and interiors where the figure is part of the picture but not necessarily the focus. She will also focus on technique in terms of color, value and design.


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