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Tatiana Yanovskaya


Portrait Painting: The Alla Prima Approach


Oils, Acrylics

All Levels


September 15th thru 17th, 2017

In Studio


$360 per person

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If you never thought that you could paint or draw portraits, this would be the workshop for you. By learning the basic approach of direct or Alla Prima painting, you'll gain confidence in understanding the structure and features of the human face.


This workshop will focus on simple blocking-in techniques and all visual elements for creating a beautiful portrait, such as values, drawing, composition, color, temperature, and varieties of edges, all based on the principles of direct painting. 


At the beginning, students will study drawing/painting of essential forms and features of the human head, comprised of studies of a human skull and cast, monochromatic and limited palette, gradually moving on to the full-color flesh palette.


Students will paint from the model inside the studio and outdoors, to learn how to paint under ambient light conditions.  Advanced students will focus on designing the portraiture and create rhythm in the painting.


The workshop includes demos and one-on-one instruction. Plus, a lecture presenting classic and contemporary masterworks, and exploring the methods of the artists.  


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