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Anne Larsen


Harmony in the Summer Landscape


Oils preferred, acrylics & pastels

All Levels and with some experience

August 12th thru 15th

Plein Air


$750 per person

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What better place to paint than Vermont in the summer!  This will be a fun and informative workshop designed to help clarify how value and color work together to create a harmonious painting.  Also, how to tame the greens of summer will be covered.   Concentration will be on helping students clearly understand how color can trick the eye into thinking values are correct, how to recognize and correct those values.  Emphasis will be placed on the use of color temperature as it relates to creating harmony in your paintings.   We will also cover the importance of drawing as it informs the composition.  

We will start with the how and why of plein air painting.  Each morning Ann will do a demonstration that covers the concepts for that day.  Also, any questions students have will be addressed as well as discussing and viewing work by historically recognized artists to help inspire and energize us for the day ahead.   Each afternoon will end with a critique of the day’s paintings.

“I believe painters can improve their work if they understand that it is art they are creating and not just rendering a scene.  Creativity is a mixture of intuition and permission!  I stress bold and fearless in painting to move past the hesitation that so many painters face. Students always bring a wealth of information to my workshops, and we always enjoy lively exchanges of ideas and knowledge about painting, art history and the art life in general!” 

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