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Annelein Beukenkamp


Portraits, Petals & Poultry: Big Brush, Bold Strokes, and Bright Colors 



Intermediate to Advanced 


May 3rd thru 5th

In Studio


$400 per person

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Annelein Beukenkamp has been painting, exhibiting, creating and exploring watercolors for over two decades.  Her flower paintings are described as happy, bold and bright and certainly reflect a love of the subject matter.  She grew up in the Netherlands and on the way to her grandmother’s house she would pass by field upon field of colorful flowering bulbs and that image has always resonated with her.  Her passion for blossoms shows in her watercolors. She has expanded her subject matter to include animals, but particularly poultry, portraiture, and landscapes. Prior to painting full-time, she managed an art materials store for 16 years and she prides herself on her extensive knowledge of numerous supplies.


This workshop will include working from a variety of blooms and photographic reference as she guides her students to use the fullest extent of their colorful palettes. She wants students to unleash their brushes by creating wet and spontaneous imagery.  Workshop exercises include: using a single blossom to create a pleasing composition by drawing multiple views of the same bloom using the elements of design like size, shape, value, color, line, and texture. We will also be creating a cocky rooster using many colors to describe his rich plumage and fierce attitude and to conclude we will explore a portrait by painting with a triad of primaries to achieve harmonious secondary colors and limit our mixing of “mud!”



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