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Nancy Slonim Aronie


Jump Start Your Memoir



Beginner to Advanced 


May 19th thru 21st

In Studio


$250 per person

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"Jump Start Your Memoir; Write it from the Heart" is about being in a safe space to find your own authentic voice, to sound like you. To tell your story, honoring that voice, writing in your own rhythm, your own language not trying to impress the "teacher" with how smart you are or how clever. It's about being your most authentic self.


Everyone has a story. Honor your voice, find your rhythm, and get those words out of your body and onto the page. A distinguished writer herself, Nancy Slonim Aronie says, “I don’t think anyone can teach writing. What I can do is make it safe. When you feel safe, you can do anything.”


This program focuses on personal narrative, but you can also write the beginning of a screenplay, poetry collection, song lyrics, a monologue, or stories for your grandkids. Make the leap from yearning to writing!


Within the warm, inspiring, and empowering environment that Nancy creates, it’s easier to silence the inner critic and write in your authentic voice. Reassuring for beginners and refreshing for professionals, this is your chance to finally take your writing seriously.


Nancy Slonim Aronie is the author of WRITING FROM THE HEART; TAPPING THE POWER  OF YOUR INNER VOICE (Hyperion/Little Brown) which has gone into its 7th printing. She is a commentator for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and teaches “Jump Start Your Memoir” and “Writing from the Heart” at Kripalu, Omega, Esalen, The Open Center, Rowe Conference Center and Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Center in British Columbia. She was the recipient of The Derek Bok Teacher of the Year award at Harvard University for three years in a row when she taught Literature for Social Reflection for Robert Coles.

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