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Carol Carter


Learn to Paint with Fluidity in Watercolors



Beginner to Advanced 


May 16th through 19th, 2016

In Studio


$480 per person

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Learn to paint wet and loose with brilliant and bold color with Carol Carter. Carter is an internationally recognized painter known for her explosive use of water and color.  Her technique is fundamental, yet immediately accessible to the beginning artist. She has held workshops internationally and teaches at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO.  Come and learn inventive color and wet and fluid watercolor technique that incorporates painting from the heart!


Carter will demonstrate her technique of wet, loose watercolor through

demonstration. Each day begins with a uniquely tailored lesson to inspire. She will discuss color, water, design, and value. The brilliance of color and the purity of paint application will be emphasized. She will talk about juxtaposing colors to make them vibrate. Imagery, content, and point-of-view are a focus.


The afternoon will be devoted to individual instruction and group critique. Classes are informal and discussions are lively and entertaining. She will talk about marketing and using social media to build your career. Questions, curiosity and camaraderie a must! Carter strives to build an atmosphere of learning by support, encouragement, permission to take a risk, and answering all questions.


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Featured Images

Is it Spring Yet, A. Carter

Hummingbird, A. Carter

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