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Keiko Tanabe


No Fear Approach to Watercolor



All levels (with some experience) 


June 3rd thru 6th

Studio/Plein Air Combo

$600 per person

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Watercolor could be the most exciting medium but is often said to be more unforgiving or difficult than other mediums.  This workshop is for those who refuse to believe that myth and are determined to have fun without struggling too much.


Through small studies and step-by-step demonstrations, Keiko explains her methods and techniques that students will apply to their class work.  She also shares her decision-making process that enables students to understand key elements and how to make them work in a painting. 


Keiko will demonstrate her no-fear approach to uncover the mechanism of fear that is associated with dealing with watercolor.  Each demo is an example of how to take the initial inspiration to an expressive painting that is strong in composition and in content. The goal is to capture the essence of the subject that conveys a certain mood and atmosphere.


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