Craig Pursley


The Portrait Sketch in Oils


Oil Painting Workshop

Intermediate to Advanced


November 5th thru 8th

In Studio

$600 per person (plus model fee)

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At the workshop we will be working from live models and will attempt to finish each oil sketch in one sitting of 3-4 hours with regular breaks for the model. Special attention will be given to proportions, value and color while trying to maintain a looseness yet still remaining realistic. Hopefully, by the end of the workshop you will be able to check your own future paintings in terms of correcting mistakes. In other words, I want you to be able to know the steps to self-critique.  A modest modeling fee will apply.


I don’t like the “lofty art speak” that I hear so often when it comes to these kinds of things. Suffice it to say, I HAVE to paint and desire to constantly improve. In teaching, it is important for me to help the attendees advance in their own abilities and leave with the knowledge on how to help themselves improve their own work. 


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Featured Images

Self Portrait, C. Pursley

Miss Nadean, C. Pursley



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