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Hilary Mills Plein Air Scene












Craig Pursley

The Portrait Sketch in Oils

Oil Painting Workshop

All Levels Welcome

June 24th thru 27th

In Studio

$650 per person (plus model fee)

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There are certainly reasons to paint outside but there are also good reasons to paint from good photos as well. Lack of bugs, non-changing weather conditions, and a consistent source of light are just a few examples.  With the knowledge of how to tweak your photos in terms of light and color, you can make your paintings come alive and look like you were on site. These techniques will be covered in this workshop as well as value and composition to make great paintings.  Instruction will also be given on how to make your photo reference better.  Also, optional early morning excursions will be made before the classes start to shoot the beautiful area around the inn for future reference photos.

There will be two demos during the workshop and a critique at the end.


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