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Craig Pursley


Painting the Vermont Landscapes with Oil



Beginner to Advanced


July 22nd thru 25th

In Studio



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I don’t like the “lofty art speak” that I hear so often when it comes to these kinds of things. Suffice it to say, I HAVE to paint and desire to constantly improve. In teaching, it is important for me to help the attendees advance in their own abilities and leave with the knowledge on how to help themselves improve their own work. 


Though painting outdoors can be a thrill and has its advantages, painting from photos also has plenty of advantages as well. And often there are more options when painting from a picture.

We’ll cover how to choose, compose, alter and improve the reference we work from. This can be critical to making a good painting. We’ll also concentrate on simplifying and working with a painterly approach.


In addition to a “normal” landscape, we’ll do an atmospheric or foggy painting and a winter scene. Also, a short demo will be given on painting cows into a landscape.


If you apply the techniques taught, you will leave a better painter and will continue to improve after the workshop


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Featured Images

Morning of the Second Sunrise, C. Pursley

Across the Connecticut, C. Pursley

December Morning, Bradford VT, C. Pursley


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