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Dmitri Wright


“Landscapes of Light Through Color"


All Painting Medium Welcomes

Beginner to Advanced 


September 26th through 29th, 2016

In Studio/Plein Air Combination


$400 per person

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This intensive workshop, "Landscapes of Light Through Color: The Science and Philosophy of Impressionism within the plein air Experience,” is for artists and students who are seeking a retreat experience to develop a deeper expression of their own visual narrative. Wright will provide the insights into the philosophy and science of the Impressionist’s way of working to incorporate those methods within your own unique signature.  


Students will discover how to capture their moment through Dmitri’s multiple levels of visual perceptions. For impressionism is not a technique; it's a way of looking at the world.


Artists will learn the Academy methods used by the Impressionists and how to apply them using one’s own natural abilities to create one’s personalized unique visual narrative through the plein air experience. Students depart Dmitri’s workshops with a renewed vision and voice for their work.


  • Lectures on the Vision, Theory and Concepts used by the Impressionists

  • Demonstrations on the Academy techniques and Impressionist methods

  • Immediate application in the field for execution of learning

  • Individualized guidance to increase one’s Perception and Skill level

  • One-on-One Instruction, Personalized Critique and Group Critique


Each must be familiar with their selected drawing and painting materials, and be able to set up and break down their own plein air equipment.


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