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Don Bolognese

Professional Illustrator's Workshop


All Levels Welcome


March 4th thru 13th

In Studio



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Don Bolognese, co-founder of the Raphael & Bolognese Studio is presenting a 9 day workshop featuring the use of the block-print in Illustration. It will cover all the various techniques associated specifically with the linoleum-cut -- from the transfer of the original drawing to the block, to the proper use of various gouges and knives and finally to the final print. All the materials, linoleum blocks, cutting tools, paper and ink will be of professional quality, including the electric-powered press used to print the finished blocks. There will also be discussions of the best use of this graphic medium, and a survey of its use, both past and present.

The instructor, who, with his late wife, Elaine Raphael, produced hundreds of images in a variety of media for more than 6 decades, is convinced that their mastery of several media contributed to their professional longevity and accomplishments (their work has appeared in numerous professional design and illustration annuals and is in the collections of several museums, including the Morgan Library in New York.) Don also taught a very successful Book Arts course at Pratt, The Cooper Union and NYU.

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