Hilary Mills Oil, Farm Scene
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Sam Clayton, Don Bolognese


“Drawing from Life” 


Charcoal, Pastels

Intermediate to Advanced


October 24th through 27th, 2016

In Studio


$400 per person

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"We look, but we do not see. This workshop will change that. Your drawing skills will be sharpened.

The earliest drawings of our prehistoric ancestors are incisive, capturing the world around them in vivid and personal imagery. “Drawing from life” has been, and is, the core discipline underpinning representational art. A “drawing” is the first evidence of our imagination at work, our first attempt at capturing the fleeting and ephemeral.

Drawing from life, even for established artists, is essential: it shakes us out of our creative ruts and forces us to confront a world constantly in flux, always new, always changing – and nowhere more graphically than in the human form. "

Some experience is necessary to attend this 4-day workshop.   Class size is limited.



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D. Bolognese

S. Clayton