Doris Rice

Capture the Moment in Watercolor



All levels


July 26th thru 29th

Studio/Plein Air Combo

$600 per person

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Decision making is ongoing in painting, so one must be prepared with

skills to recognize the possibilities!  It requires knowledge of the medium and how best to use it, as well as making personal choices in composition, color and value.


Doris will set a theme for each day, a challenge for each to focus

upon. She will lead you through subject selection, basic techniques, drawing with watercolor, guiding you to a successful work.

After a day ‘in the field’ (plein air), we will return to the studio for a

valuable evaluation of our pieces.  We’ll be looking for success in

meeting the day’s challenge, but also in your own personal vision,

finding your style. It can be called a critique, but it is certainly

reinforcing and supportive, not critical.


Skill levels improve with one on one instruction and increased

awareness, regardless of your background. Learning comes quickly!

New knowledge is an inspiration! We hope for a new painting each



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