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High Noon by Artist Fealing Lin
Fealing Lin's In Doubt













Fealing Lin


Transparent Watercolor: Portraiture and Figure



Beginner to Advanced 


July 18th through 21st, 2016

In Studio


$480 per person

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I am often asked if I have been drawing and painting since I was a child.  My answer is no. My road to the joys of watercolor has been a long journey paved with hard work and unusual decisions.


I am originally from Taiwan and was born into a family in the medical field, so, following tradition, I became a licensed dentist.  So somehow, art found me! I am inspired by the beauty around me and I feel that I must express it.  As a young person, I tried to fulfill this inspiration through writing, poetry, dancing, and music.  None of these kept me committed.  However, in my early twenties I studied drawing with renowned artist, Professor Jing Yong Cheng, and he inspired me to continue with my art.


To be true to your gifts, be both inspired and inspiring – then you can express your love, your passion, your strength and your belief in the human spirit.  My favorite place to paint is Italy.  I am drawn inescapably to the old architecture in its towns and villages.  The narrow streets are artfully defined by their marvelous tapestry of light and shadow.  I find myself lost in time and space and feel as though I have traveled back in history. I love people, painting portraits is also my love for watercolor.


“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore” [I lived for art, I lived for love] – Puccini.  That says it all.


Portrait painting can be very intimidating especially when using watercolor. Award winning watercolorist, Fealing Lin combines semi-abstract strokes and impressionistic concepts to elicit life and movement in her portrait and figure paintings. There will be daily lecture, exercise and demo.  Fealing will assist and critique student’s works whatever way she could. And allow the students to work on their own pace. During this workshop, Fealing will teach you how to relax and enjoy the process as you discover the spontaneity and uniqueness of watercolor. Learn how value and temperature change when planes of the face change, as well as how to use transparent glazing to allow the glow of the paper to shine through. By balancing colors and weaving lights and darks, you will achieve painterly and successful portraits.


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Featured Images

Portrait of the Artist

Lin's 'High Noon'

Lin's 'Sweet T'


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