Jan Guarino

Fearless Watercolors


All Levels

July 5th thru 8th

In Studio

$550 per person

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I was once you, struggling to become a better watercolorist. Seeking classes, workshops, teachers and techniques and mostly walking away a bit discouraged and disappointed. Well, I believe I just may have some of the key ingredients you’ve been looking for. My students tell me that I am the watercolor teacher they’ve been looking for and couldn’t find – and it is likely that I may be that for you as well. I invite you to be part of an immersive experience that will open new ways to approach a blank sheet of white paper. The result will likely forever change the way you think of painting in watercolors.  Along with techniques, my clear process to putting paint and water to paper will help you more successfully express your passion for this medium.

I invite you to be part of something that integrates the best of the best and puts them together in one workshop.  One in which you will come out the other end a better watercolorist than when you came in.

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