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Grahame Booth

Watercolor Landscapes: Creating Light & Color


All levels welcome

August 26th thru 29th

Plein Air/Studio

$600 per person

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Since Grahame Booth paints only in watercolor and his success in the medium is reflected in the numerous exhibition awards he has won over many years. With no prior experience Grahame started to paint in his early 30's and the fact that he clearly remembers the problems and frustrations of learning watercolor helps to make him a particularly sympathetic tutor, eager to pass on lessons and techniques proven to ease the way.  In common with most artists he believes that plein air painting is the key to success in this beautiful medium and using the wonderful Vermont subjects he will show how to use a logical approach to translate the landscape into watercolors full of light, excitement and impact. It is his intention that you will leave us inspired with new knowledge to help you better understand this elusive medium.



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