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High Noon by Artist Fealing Lin













Iain Stewart


From Sketchbook to Studio



All levels welcome


August 28th thru 31st

In Studio/Plein Air Combo


$700 per person

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Award winning watercolorist, Iain Stewart’s, sole focus will be bringing your creativity to light and aid you in dispelling the myths of the difficulties of painting in this wonderful medium. Given the right encouragement and understanding of the basic fundamentals, watercolor is a creative outlet unmatched in its ease of use, cost of materials, and pure enjoyment of artistic expression.

Through demonstration, careful critique, and lessons learned over a long painting career Iain will help you understand how to prepare for and anticipate the challenges that painting in watercolor presents. By guiding you through his process which relies on simplification of subject through sketching, graphite value studies, and preliminary color studies Iain will demonstrate how to create a road map, that if followed, will greatly improve your painting. This workshop is intended to provide you with an 

understanding of how to paint in watercolor while avoiding common mistakes by creating a step by step road map that you can use for painting any subject.


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