Lot_ Dordogne Series - Ve'ze're Valley S













Steve Rogers


Intuitive Abstract Painting 


Fluid Acrylic/Mixed Watermedia

All levels welcome


August 6th thru 8th

In Studio

$450 per person

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In order to paint intuitively one needs to understand Design Principles and Color Theory, so these will be discussed and illustrated as to how they relate to the way I paint. My process begins with some very loose underpainting in Golden Fluid Acrylics mostly to introduce a warm tone and seal the surface. When this is dry I draw some simple design usually based on rock and geology of a location where I have painted en plein air.  This serves as a starting point and may or may not persist as the painting and artist begin their conversation. This is when the fun really begins! Most of our time is spent painting and repainting in fluid acrylic and crayon and pencil. This is the most joyful and the most rewarding part of intuitive painting. 

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