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Karen Rosenthal


Beyond the Pose


Digital Photography



August 21st thru 25th

Plein Air


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Combining the established genres of Nudes and Landscapes allows students a myriad of ways to contemplate our existence on this planet. For me, body and nature are at the core of our spiritual essence. Tired of viewing hyper-sexualized stereotypical images of young female bodies, I hire models of different ages, races, gender, and body types, opening up many emotional and conceptual possibilities in collaboration. Daily shoots utilize a variety of settings so students learn to identify locations and light qualities that illuminate their personal styles.


While my own work leans towards the abstract, it might not be everyone's approach. The goal is for students to find their own unique voices. I believe students should experiment and stretch beyond their comfort zones, even failing on occasion; failure is a normal part of the creative process. Creating a teaching environment that is both immersive and intense, I watch students learn not just from me but also from each other. The growth, in a very short period of time, is remarkable and is a joy for me to watch.


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Featured Images

Dimpled Landscapes, K. Rosenthal

Love Knot, K. Rosenthal





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