Kathy Anderson


Painting Chaos in the Garden 



Beginner to Advanced 


September 8th thru 11th

Plein Air

$600 per person

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A welcomed addition to our schedule since 2013, Kathy Anderson’s reputation has grown exponentially over the last few years. Recently featured in International Artist’s Magazine, Kathy’s ability to capture the light and beauty of a simple patch of flowers continues to astound. Her ability to impart this knowledge to her students makes her workshop a rare experience.


My passion for painting is rooted in my garden. I strive to translate my excitement about the experience of growth, light and translucent colors from the earth to my canvas. The joy of painting from life, and especially outdoors in a real garden setting, cannot be emphasized enough! I think the best goal to achieve from the workshop is to experience this joy. For those who already work outdoors, my goal is to teach how to design a painting, how to choose what to leave out or include.


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Featured Images

September Garden,  K. Anderson

Hyrangea and Phlox, K. Anderson


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