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Linda Kemp


Negative Painting in Watercolor



Beginner to Advanced 


In Studio


$480 per person 

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Indulge in artistic exploration as you learn how to transform literal representation of nature’s patterns, birds, landscapes and your choice of subject matter into evocative, gently abstracted paintings!


Investigate effective strategies for stylizing and modifying imagery that focus on simplified design possibilities and basic color concepts to empower self-expression and express your unique creativity. 


In this essential program, you will learn tactics for creative interpretation of subject matter and negative painting concepts. Discover how to build with warm and cool light and secrets for sequencing layers to evoke a sense of mystery. Linda’s simplified color and design concepts will provide you with a fresh approach to self-expression using luminous transparent and opaque acrylics on canvas, clayboard, and mylar sheets.

This stimulating, fun workshop offers demonstrations, prepared notes and individual painting time guided by friendly, helpful advice. You will take home a number of small studies and finished pieces. You will also acquire skills that will make you a more capable, accomplished painter.

Each day will begin with a morning welcome, announcements and overview of activities. The daily programs begin with an illustrated discussion of the day’s topic and a short demonstration. A series of assignments will put into practice several mini-lessons. Questions will be addressed at the completion of each segment.


Most days will include full painting demonstration. Generally, this will be scheduled shortly after lunch break. Following the demonstration, students will embark on their painting projects using their own reference material for the remainder of the afternoon. Students will be encouraged to incorporate concepts presented earlier in the day. Linda will offer individual tutoring and critique as students work on all assignments and personal projects. 

The course will include individual attention, small group and full class discussions to address common problems that students face during the painting process. Information will be directed to the various levels of painting experience of the participants.

Each day will conclude with a brief outline of the program for the following day and information regarding any extra equipment or images that will be required.

At all times Linda will endeavor to keep the workshop upbeat, fast-paced and informative to create a positive atmosphere. The goal will be to have fun while learning. 


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