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Kyle Stuckey

Nocturnal Scenes in Oil



Beginners to Advanced


September 9th thru 12th 


$600 per person

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I am an impressionistic realism oil painter. I want to paint things the way they are, and at the same time I also want to explore my artistic license to create a piece of artwork. As a New Englander, I was lucky enough in high school and my young adult years to learn under some of the greatest artists today, including Richard Schmid. 


I fell in love with nocturnal paintings while living in Italy a few years ago. When I moved to Charleston, a city with similar charm and architectural beauty, that love only grew. I enjoy capturing the glow of street lights, storefronts, and even headlights and how it all plays with the cityscape they illuminate.


At this workshop, I will be teaching color mixing, color theory, drawing, brushwork, and composition. In the mornings, I will begin with a 1-hour demo (approx.) where I will explain my train of thought as I paint, teach my techniques, and answer questions. After lunch, we will have a second 1-hour demo. During the rest of the day, you will be working on your own paintings as I give one-on-one instruction to each person. Students will work on 2 or 3 nocturnal paintings over the course of the 4-day workshop. This workshop is appropriate for the newer artist wanting to learn the basics of oil painting or the more experienced artist looking to refine their skills.


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