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Barbara Jaenicke


Painting the Poetic Landscape


Oils and Pastels

All levels welcome with some painting experience


October 16th thru 19th

In Studio with option of some Plein Air


$700 per person

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Once you learn the basic mechanics of painting the landscape, it’s time to learn how to add the poetry. We’ll examine the difference between paintings that merely contain elements of the landscape, and those that convey a distinct visual message … and how to gain the skills necessary to accomplish this.

Skills covered will include composition, editing, value structure, color temperature and chroma. We’ll also address how to make every stroke count, considering the particulars of how you apply pigment to surface and how the quality of the application will contribute to your painting’s message. 

This is primarily a studio workshop, with some optional time for students to paint outside. All instructor demonstrations will be given in the studio.
Instructor demonstrations will be given the first three mornings and will include both oil and pastel. Students may work in oil or pastel or both, and will receive plenty of individual help from the instructor during their painting time. If weather permits, students who wish to do so will have time to paint outside in the afternoons of the last two days, with the instructor continuing to work with students both outside and inside the studio during those afternoons. Time will be allotted on the last morning for critiques and a Q&A session.


This workshop is open to all levels but geared primarily toward artists with at least some basic painting experience and familiarity with their supplies. See supply list for necessary materials.

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