Leslie Wilson

Watercolors, Fresh and Loose



All levels welcome

October 26th thru 29th


$600 per person

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For many years, Leslie has been influenced by the late Charles Reid, attending his workshops and studying his books.  Therefore, this workshop will take advantage of many years of learning and experience, with an immediate and loose approach to watercolor painting. 

In this watercolor workshop, Leslie Wilson will teach students a direct painting method for an impressionistic result. She will help you explore brush techniques, find areas of emphasis and employ connections to promote looseness, and keep the viewer's eyes moving through the painting. She will challenge students to ask themselves "what the painting needs," instead of reproducing all that exists in front of them. The students will use still life, figures, and photos as source material and will be introduced to a variety of painting exercises. Leslie believes that good paintings begin with a contour drawing, which hones observation skills and provides a roadmap for the painting. During the painting process, colors are slightly worked out on the palette or mixed directly on the paper, incorporating soft and hard edges. Students will be shown how to use correct value, color, and shape the first time, rather than overworking. Join Leslie for an exciting artistic journey to develop a fresh and loose style of painting!

While this workshop is open to all levels of ability, students should have some basic knowledge of watercolor materials, as well as drawing, color mixing and application of paint, for maximum benefit and enjoyment in this workshop. 


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