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Kami Mendlik


Color Relativity to Achieve Light


All Levels

August 29th thru September 1st

Plein Air

$600 per person

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My life long passion is the study of color, and sharing with others a process to help achieve the illusion of light and vibration in their paintings. There are countless nuances in color that can make it challenging for the painter.  We want to put it ALL in there, but this leaves little room for creating the illusion of light. Through years of teaching and painting, I have found that the eye can continue to develop how we see color.  It’s this beautiful never-ending process! The key to creating light is not only learning the properties of color, it’s also learning what needs to be in the painting and more importantly, what doesn’t!  Simplifying, both the shapes and the averages of color is the key to bringing your work to it’s greatest potential. 

In this 4 day plein air workshop, the emphasis will be on simplifying shapes and studying the relativity of color in the landscape.  The landscape can be overwhelming.  By simplifying the complexity of the scene will both strengthen the composition in your painting and leave room for color relativity to bring the most vibrancy and light to your work!  We will start by learning to see simplified shapes in the landscape.  Then you will learn to work out your concepts on paper by doing small thumbnail sketches before even hitting the canvas.  Continuing by developing an understanding of the properties of color will help the process of making color much easier and more fun with great success in your painting! 


We will be using a limited palette of a warm and cool of each primary, plus white. The week will begin with small studies and work up to larger canvases.  Each day will be filled with a lesson and short demo emphasizing the day’s concentration, plenty of painting time with individual critiques and optional evening paint outs. 


I look forward to a full week of complete immersion in landscape painting with kindred spirits! 

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