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Kami Mendlik

Painting Color Relativity in the Landscape


Intermediate to Advanced


September 5th thru 8th

Plein Air

$750 per person

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My life long passion is the study of color, and sharing with others a process to help achieve the illusion of light and vibration in their paintings. There are countless nuances in color that can make it challenging for the painter.  We want to put it ALL in there, but this leaves little room for creating the illusion of light. Through years of teaching and painting, I have found that the eye can continue to develop how we see color.  It’s a beautiful never-ending process! The key to creating light is not only learning the properties of color, it’s also learning what needs to be in the painting and more importantly, what doesn’t!  Simplifying, both the shapes and the averages of color is the key to bringing your work to it’s greatest potential.  In this workshop we will begin by studying light and color firsthand out of doors, en plein air - followed by bringing our plein air color studies back into the studio, where you’ll learn my approach to using my plein air studies as information and inspiration to create beautiful conceptual studio paintings. 

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