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Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink


Floral Still Life in Oils & Acrylics


Oils, Acrylics

Beginner to Advanced 


August 16th through 18th

In Studio


$400 per person

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This workshop is designed for painting fresh flowers in combination with beautiful still life objects.


Students will be introduced to:  


How to start (several types of blocking-ins); What specifically to look for while setting your still life and how masters do it; How to paint various types of florals and their simplified forms and shapes; Mixing varieties of greens; How to Create Harmony and Unity; Discuss problems at the finishing stage by keeping strong emphasis on the focal point and good design and Mystery of Edges and Brushwork.


Tatiana is an award-winning artist of national and regional shows in the New England area. Her work has been featured in numerous art magazines: Art Connoisseur and International Artist and Art Collector, to name a few.  She is a member of Vermont’s prestigious Putney Painters group and teaches in NH, VT and South Shore Boston areas.  


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