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Stephanie Birdsall

For the Love of Painting Vermont


All Levels

September 30th thru Oct 3rd

In Studio/Plein Air

$600 per person

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For the Love of Painting Vermont will be about painting the natural beauty that exists in Vermont.  It will be a combination of studio and plein air.  Stephanie wants to take advantage of the fall colors, whether it’s the fall foliage in a still life inside, or a late fall painting outside.  There will be a strong emphasis on color. 


Stephanie consistently works with Richard Schmid’s color charts from his book, Alla Prima, Everything I know about painting.  She's been working with Richard Schmid and his “Putney Painters” for the last 14 years. Birdsall stresses the beauty and rhythm of beautiful brushstrokes and how they lead your eye through the canvas.  Her premise is that “you” make the painting beautiful by your choice of subject matter, knowing how to compose it, knowing how to mix paint and how to apply it.  It will be a very energetic and fun workshop, worth every minute.

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