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Romel de la Torre


Taking Your Portrait Painting to the next level


Oils, Pastels, Watercolors

Beginner to Advanced  with some experience


July 15th through 18th 

In Studio


$600 per person (plus model fee)

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This workshop is designed to create a relaxed, fun, informative, yet intense working environment. Romel will demonstrate every morning on his approach to painting the portrait & figure from life, using his direct fluid painting style with emphasis on the use of improving color, drawing skills, value relationships, understanding edges and capturing the "feeling" of light.


Learn to use the elements that make a painting stronger and exciting: creative use of color & edges, visual movement, paint application/ brush handling, distribution of abstract shapes and strong design. 

Additional things that will be covered:


*How to set up the model & lighting

*How to best use photography

*Discussion of art materials that Romel uses


Since the workshop students are at different levels the instruction will be individualized for each student's specific needs. Romel provides easy-going instruction and discusses techniques of some of his favorite artists. Be prepared to work hard, make new friends and best of all - have fun.


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