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John Salminen


Realism through Design



Intermediate to Advanced


April 24 thru 28

In Studio 

$595/per person

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In this workshop, John will share his approach to painting the urban scene in watercolor.  He will help participants in all aspects of painting a representational cityscape or town scene – choosing the subject, adding mood and creating emotional content, lighting the scene for dramatic effect, using photo reference in a meaningful way and most importantly, strengthening and enhancing representational painting through design. The workshop will include demonstrations, critiques and lots of one-on-one individual help.  Whether you’ve never tried painting cityscapes or are an experienced urban painter, this workshop will be an invaluable opportunity to gain new painting insights.


John has won over 230 major awards in national and international exhibitions including the American Watercolor Society Gold Medal twice, the Allied Artist Silver and Gold Medals, the National Watercolor Society First Place Silver Star Award twice, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America First Place Award three times, The Thailand Ministry of Culture Award, The Pakistan Watercolor Society Lifetime Achievement Award  and the Shanghai International Biennial Award. 


He has been an invited artist in 32 exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, russia, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Australia and is a frequent Juror/Judge of national and international exhibitions.  His work is featured in many national and international books and magazines and in many private, public and corporate collections.


John’s a signature member of  many art societies including AWS, Allied Artists, TWSA  and NWS.  He’s a member of the Jiangsu Watercolour Research Institute in China and he’s the first American member of the Australian Watercolour Institute.



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Featured Images

Trinity Church, J. Salminen

Arc de Triomph, J. Salminen





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