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Randall Sexton, 1958-2023:  A Retrospective

September 11th thru 14th, 2024

The untimely loss of this great artist has left a hole in the InView Center for the Arts community here at The Landgrove Inn, along with the art world in general. A gentle soul who saw art everywhere and shared that vision with so many others eager to learn to see the beauty everywhere as he did. It is in that spirit that we invite you to join us in celebrating the life of this extraordinary artist and friend with a retrospective of his work. 


We invite all those in the Landgrove Inn art community who were influenced by this great artist to come and spend four days creating art together, as he would have encouraged us to do. Paint together in the studio, or visit those special spots that Randall liked to call “his,” the ones immortalized so we can still see as he saw them. Contact Tom at (802) 824-6673 for details.

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