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Rick Shiers

Breakout Brushwork


Oils and Acrylics

All levels with some experience

August 31st thru September 3rd



$750 per person

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This fun, energetic and motivating workshop is designed to help participants make their brush stokes more confident and paintings more dynamic. We’ll take a deep dive on subjects such as visual theory, composition, value, drawing and color…all discussed in an easy to understand conversational way. Quick, instructional demonstrations investigating materials, techniques and process kick off lots of student painting time. We’ll explore the art of creating Landscape, Still Life and Plein Air paintings in the Inn’s beautiful late summer gardens (weather permitting) with an emphasis on creating vibrant and aesthetically interesting pieces. Plenty of individual instruction is augmented by comfortable end of day class critiques and is communicated in a light hearted, direct and approachable way…advancing each student on their personal artistic journey, no matter where they’re starting. Use of either Oils or Acrylics is welcomed and can be based on experience, comfort level or the desire to try a new medium.

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