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Hilary Mills Oil, Farm Scene
Hilary Mills Plein Air Scene













Stefan Baumann


“Painting from Nature” 


Oil Painting Workshop

All Levels


October 3rd thru 6th, 2016

In Studio/Plein Air


$480 per person

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NEW!  Come join Stefan Baumann, the host of the PBS series THE GRAND VIEW for four days of painting nature in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Park.  With Stefan Baumann’s Workshops, you will experience measurable and lasting changes in your art.  His workshops contain a step-by-step process that will help you identify how to paint outdoors, how to break through barriers and learn ways to transform your painting. Baumann’s workshops are delivered with incredible passion, power, and playfulness.  The process is not only informative, but  enjoyable and inspiring as well.


In Baumann’s workshops, he will personally coach you as you begin to implement the proven strategies and tools that will help you achieve the results you want and deserve, faster than you may have ever imagined possible!


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Featured Images

Carmel Mission in Morning Light, S. Baumann

Shashone Falls, S. Baumann



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