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Chicago Author Mary Carter at Landgrove Inn
Writing Workshop with Mary Carter
Writing Workshop with Mary Carter













Sterling Edwards


Watercolors from A to Z


Watercolors Workshop

Beginner to Advanced 


May 9th through 13th, 2016

In Studio


$585 per person

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This is a watercolor workshop for all skill levels, however, previous watercolor and drawing experience is very beneficial to gain the most from this workshop. There will be a wide variety of watercolor techniques that will be discussed and demonstrated including positive and negative painting, composition, using creative colors, glazing, charging color, and many more. We will begin each day with a demonstration painting that will be finished before lunch. The daily demonstration will be different each day so that you will see a wide variety of subject matter and styles including landscapes, floral, stylized, and abstract. My preferred method of painting is to use large brushes for most of the painting and complete the painting with a small amount of detail towards the end using smaller brushes. The end result is a watercolor painting that is loose and fresh with expressive brushwork. Following lunch, each student will have the afternoon to work on their own painting with assistance when needed. There are no requirements as to what subject the student paints or what size they prefer to paint.


One of the main objectives that I have as a teacher is to go beyond merely teaching watercolor technique. I make every effort to encourage the student to be creative with design and color in their painting. All of the techniques that I teach work equally well with either transparent or opaque watercolor. It’s what the student does with the techniques that will truly distinguish the artist. The workshop will have a laid back and sometimes humorous atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions or request assistance with their painting. I often offer one-on-one help in the afternoons for those who need additional assistance. My workshops are designed to be fun, very educational, and inspiring.


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S. Edwards, Closed on Sunday

S. Edwards, Autumn on Nogie's Creek

S. Edwards, Leaning Toward the Light

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