Ted Nuttall

Painting Portraits from Photos



Beginner to Advanced 


June 22nd thru 25th

In Studio

$700 per person

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Although painting a person in watercolor may seem daunting, it is every bit as approachable as creating a still life or landscape. Ted Nuttall demonstrates the techniques, and instills the confidence, to enjoy painting people. He will discuss the benefits of photographic reference, as well as how to interpret a photo in order to give life and energy to the subject.


In Ted’s daily demonstrations and presentations, he shares his personal approach to painting – plus he introduces the work of other artists with the objective of inspiring enriched seeing and thinking skills. What’s more, significant time is allowed for one-on-one instruction. In an atmosphere that’s both creative and supportive, Ted encourages, in each participant, a renewed enthusiasm for his or her art – regardless of their skill level.


Ted is a figurative watercolorist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people. He is a Signature Member of the AWS, NWS and TWSA. His daily lectures on art are a uniquely edifying experience. "For as long as I can remember, I've been a fascinated spectator of human behavior, a quintessential people watcher. I naturally seek the unique character in everyone."


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