Eric Wiegardt


Composition: Creating an Area of Dominance



Beginner to Advanced


October 21st thru 24th

In Studio

$600 per person

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This workshop will focus on the all-important aspect of Creating an Area of Dominance and for those who wish to loosen up in watercolor. Discussions will focus on what makes a good composition and the design tools needed to attract the eye, carry it throughout the picture plane, and then rest on the Area of Dominance. Painting techniques and a philosophy of design will encourage bold, loose paintings. Eric believes most painting problems are the violation of an elementary painting principle. Lectures will be easily understood and helpful to those with previous watercolor experience. There will be ample time for students to try the concepts presented in a safe environment.

Eric will do a completed painting demonstration daily. Subject matter may include land, marine, streetscapes, florals, interiors, and still life.


Eric Wiegardt, AWS-DF, NWS has left an indelible mark on both the American and International art scene. He is one of the few to be awarded both the GOLDMEDAL and DOLPHIN FELLOW from the oldest and most prestigious watercolor society, AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY, NEW YORK. He is declared one of the top ten watercolor masters in the world today by artmatch4U and has participated in numerous museum exhibitions throughout the US and China.


“I have no doubt that his future accomplishments will leave an indelible mark on the American art scene.”  Irving Shapiro, AWS, Former President and Director of American Academy of Art



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