Valdislav Yeliseyev

The Essence of Scenery and Impressionistic Approach



All levels welcome


August 2nd thru 5th

In Studio


$600 per person

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For 30 years Vlad has been living and working in the United States, where during this time he has gained a huge number of followers and fans of his art. His works have often been praised for his unique ability to reflect light in his paintings.


Critics noted his bold brushstrokes, skillful free color schemes and clear calligraphy. “The challenge with watercolor,” Vlad explains, “is to achieve the richness in color and not lose the transparency of watercolor.” Using a limited range of colors in his palette as well as a minimal brushstroke, Vlad creates works that give a sense of the objects depicted, rather than their details.


During this workshop, you will learn Vladislav Yeliseyev's three stages and three colors approach. We will be painting a variety of subjects from seascapes to cityscapes, practicing our values by using monochromatic painting techniques, studying color, and creating finished paintings from small postcard size to a half sheet. Vladislav will share with you his unique method of mixing watercolors and the goal of this method is to simplify and give his students clarity in understanding color and its implementation. Among others, the rules of composition, dynamic movement and focal point will also be addressed in depth. Every day will start with a different informative lecture and a demonstration, following with one-on-one instructions. All photo references will be provided.


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